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  • --Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic offers the most modern czech ground and air vehicles; all of them created with the strict attention to detail. Every vehicle in the game can be controlled by both players and AI alike and provides features authentic to each vehicle.
  • Features:
    • A unique simulation of various types of vehicles.
    • Various in-vehicle roles: commander, driver, gunner, assistant gunner.
    • Accurate weaponry, including optics, tracer rounds and effects.
    • FLIR thermal imagining mode and smoke, flares and zeroing options
    • Speed differs according to the surface type.
    • Vehicles differ in many aspects according to their real-life specifications (e.g. speed, sturdiness, fuel capacity).
    • Dust effects when driving over certain surfaces, rotor downwash effects for helicopters and VTOL aircraft.
    • Destructible wheels and limited partial destruction.
    • Destroyed vehicles turn into wrecks, explode appropriately according to the amount of fuel and ammunition they contain.
    • Burning and secondary explosions of wrecks.
    • Some vehicles feature simple defensive countermeasures.
    • Virtual Heads-Up Display in several aircraft.
Pandur II 8x8 CZ ARMA 2: ACR Content

Pandur II 8x8 CZ

The Pandur II 8x8 CZ is an improved all-wheel-drive armoured person carrier vehicle. Czech version differs from its original in thicker armor, reversed V shaped bottom, a new, from inside of the vehicle controlled breakwater, and driver's hatch equipped with night vision aparature. It is armed with 30mm cannon, coaxial machinegun and two guided missiles Spike, mounted on remote controlled turret. Crew consists of 8 soldiers, driver and gunner/commander. Vehicle can be transported by C-130 Hercules.

Dingo 2 CZ (MG) ARMA 2: ACR Content

Dingo 2 CZ (MG)

ATF Dingo 2 is an advanced heavily armored military infantry mobility vehicle. It is designed to withstand land mines, rifle fire, artillery fragments and NBC-threats. it can be transported by airplane or transport helicopter. Its weapons station with machinegun or grenadelauncher is controlled via a monitor inside the vehicle.

L-159 ALCA ARMA 2: ACR Content

L-159 ALCA

Aero L 159 ALCA (Advanced Light Combat Aircraft) is a Czech-built single-seat light multi-role combat aircraft designed for a variety of air-to-air, air-to-ground and reconnaissance missions. The aircraft is equipped with a radar for all-weather, day and night operations. This version is armed with 20mm gun pod, 4 air-to-surface and 2 air-to-air guided missiles.

RM-70 ARMA 2: ACR Content


The RM-70 multiple rocket launcher is a Czechoslovak army version and the heavier variant of the BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launcher, providing enhanced performance over its parent artillery system.

T810 ARMA 2: ACR Content


T810 is czech six-wheel drive cargo medium truck, used for the transportation of all types of cargo. It is designed with tactical, off-road use in mind. It is capable of carrying an 12 man squad, ammunition, fuel, or replacement parts for other vehicles up to 5,7 tons of usefull weight. It can be up-armored and armed with machinegun.

T810 ARMA 2: ACR Content

T810 Armored and armed with machinegun

T-72M4 CZ ARMA 2: ACR Content

T-72M4 CZ

T-72M4 CZ is a Czech modernisation of Soviet tank T-72. It has improved firepower, sensors, protection and mobility.

BVP-1 ARMA 2: ACR Content


BVP-1 is Czechoslovak amphibious tracked infantry fighting vehicle based on Soviet BMP-1, world's first mass-produced infantry fighting vehicle. It is armed with 73 mm low pressure smoothbore short-recoil semi-automatic gun, 7.62 mm coaxial machinegun and launcher for Malyutka guided missiles.

Škoda Octavia ARMA 2: ACR Content

Touring Car

Popular car produced in Czech republic. More than 1.4 million cars of first generation were manufactured. It become 10th best selling car in Europe in 2011.

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