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British Armed Forces

The British Armed Forces contingent in Takistan comprises of several regiments involved in the counter-insurgency campaign. British paratroopers and the mechanized regiments are supporting the stabilization efforts across the land together with several other allied armies of NATO.

British Armed Forces
Utrinque Paratus (Ready For Anything)
- The British paratroopers motto
  • The soldiers of the BAF are well trained professionals motivated to fight the insurgent forces in the Takistani mountains. After taking part in the initial attack of Takistan, many troops were left to help a new Takistani army in its task to keep the reborn Takistan secure and safe.
  • Soldiers wear either newly introduced Multi-Terrain Pattern uniforms designed for Takistani-like environments, or the desert DPM smocks suitable for the arid areas.
  • Infantrymen are armed with the L85A2 assault rifles, machineguns (L86A2  Light Support Weapon, L110A1, GPMG) and sniper rifles (L115A1 Long Range Rifle, AS50).
  • BAF troops are deployed in mechanized or motorized formations equipped by the modernized Warrior fighting vehicles and Jackal 2 MWMIK armored trucks. Air support and transportation is provided by several squadrons of Apache AH1 gunships, AH11 Wildcat multirole helicopters and transport helicopters (Merlin HC3, Chinook HC2).

British Soldiers

British Army British Armed Forces paratrooper soldiers


Special UnitsAH Mk1, HC2, HC3, AW159....


Special Units Jackal 2 MWIK, FV510 Warrior...