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US Army

United States Army

US Army is the backbone of the multi-national forces taking part in Operation Arrowhead, whose objective is to defeat the oppressive regime of Takistan. Organized in several highly mobile task forces, American troops are ready to neutralize the Takistani force threatening the peace in the Green Sea region.

US Army
„This We'll Defend."
- US Army motto
  • The US Army soldiers wear the Army Combat Uniform (ACU), featuring a digital camouflage pattern designed for use in various environments. Some of the special forces operating in Takistan wear smocks in "Multi-terrain Camouflage" pattern.
  • US Army troops are armed by the newly introduced Mk16 and Mk17 series assault rifles, as well as machineguns and rocket launchers.
  • The vehicles available to US Army range from latest M1A2 Abrams tanks to new Stryker APCs in many variants. Reconnaisance troops use the modernized Bradley armored vehicles.
  • Air support is maintained by A-10 Warthog ground-attack jets and AH-64 apache gunships, often accompanied by Unmanned Littlebird drones. Transport and light support are provided by the Littlebird, Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters.
  • There are more advance weapon platforms available: UAV drones, artillery or MLRS self-propelled rocket launchers.

US Army Soldiers

Force Recon US Army soldiers are armed mainly by the newly introduced Mk16 and Mk17


AircraftAH-64D, UH-60M, CH-47F...


Armor M1A1, M2A3, Stryker...

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