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Cpt Shaftoe:

"Pat is an outstanding leader inspiring great loyalty in his team. There‘s not a marine in the Corps I‘d rather have to my right."

1st Sgt Patrick Miles


"Razor" team leader

Rank/Pay Grade:
First Sergeant (E-8)

Date of Birth:
April 12th 1974

Life and career:
The son of a Californian politician and lawyer, it is notable that MSgt Miles chose enlistment rather than seeking a commission (although he has completed OCS). Gained excellent grades in the Ranger Course and later in Recon School. Successful tours in Iraq as a Recon squad commander, followed by a tour in A-stan (already with Force Recon), earned him a place in the 5th Force Recon Btn. He became Razor‘s team leader in 2008. Completed training modules include: SOI, TBS, SMTC, MCMAP, OCS, BRC, SERE

Special skills:
Brilliant leadership and expertise in special warfare, language skills.