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ARMA 2 ContentCpt Shaftoe:

"Brian‘s a top class Marine, I think he‘s fitting right in. The rest of the team are still giving him a hard time but that‘s natural. If only ‚cause of his damn hair. I expect to see him promoted to a medical SNCO rank after this tour."

SSgt Brian O‘Hara


"Razor" corpsman

Rank/Pay Grade:
Staff Sergeant (E-6)

Date of Birth:
January 10th 1977

Life and career:
San Franciscan-born O‘Hara followed a number of his brothers into the Navy. Trained as Medic before transferring to the Marine Corps as a field corpsman and finally joined Force Recon in 2007. Currently Razor Team‘s medic. Despite the usual ‚Navy Pukes‘ jibes (typical of this common inter-force transfer), Brian is fitting in well as Razor Team‘s newest and youngest member. Low aggression levels and a tendency toward caution belie his roots however. Completed training modules include: SOI, TBS, SMTC, BRC, SERE, SST, MCMAP, HM(Navy)

Special skills:
Medical expertise including traumatölogy and basics of military surgery, training in special warfare.