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Russian contingent of Chernarussian Peacekeeping Forces consists of elite Guard Motor Rifle battalion, reinforced by armor, artillery and attack helicopter detachments. Based on their previous experience with counter-guerilla operations, Russians also make good use of special forces.

„A broad expanse for dreams and for lives
Is opened to us by the coming years.“
- from the anthem of the Russian Federation
  • Russian soldiers wear Flora woodland pattern and modern load-bearing vests combined with older protective gear. They are armed with AK-107 assault rifles, rugged PKM machineguns, RPG-18s and RPG-7s with modern warheads.
  • Special Forces (Spetsnaz) are battle-hardened veterans who wear unique „Gorka" fatigues and use special silenced weapons, sniper rifles and explosives. They are trained in counter-terrorist ops, speak Chernarussian and allegedly have operated in the area for a long time.
  • Contingent of Russian troops is equipped with T-90 main battle tanks and modern armored personnel carriers: wheeled Vodniks and BTR-90 and sturdy and powerful tracked BMP-3.
  • Russian tactics also rely on Mi-24 Hind and Ka-52 „Alligator" air assault helicopters and heavily armed Mi-8M transport choppers. Su-25 is available for close air support.
  • Support consists of mortar and rocket artillery detachment, Pchela UAV is also available for aerial reconnaissance.

Special Units

Special Units SPETSNAZ troops are an elite reconnaissance force.


Special Units Mi-8, Mi-24 V/P, Ka-52, Su-25...


Special Units BTR-90, GAZ Vodnik, Tunguska, T-90...

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