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Chernarussian Defence Forces

Chernarussian military has been trained by Western armies in past years, but it retains weapons and equipment of the Soviet Army, its direct predecessor. Its main task during the past years for was to fight challenging counter-insurgecy campaign in the mountaineous regions of Northern Chernarus.

"In the name of freedom, equality and brotherhood of nations of the Fatherland, we swear to fight for the freedom and independence of the Republic of Chernarus."
- from the Oath of Enlistment of CDF
  • Equipment of CDF soldiers is a mixture of older gear, modern kevlar helmets and camouflage fatigues based on Soviet airborne uniform design. Soldiers are armed with AK-74 rifles, PKMs and other personal weapons of Eastern provenience.
  • CDF uses whole spectrum of Cold-War era vehicles: T-72 main battle tanks, BRDM-2 and BMP-2 personel carriers, UAZ cars and Ural trucks.
  • High mobility of CDF troops in the mountains is ensured by Mi-17 transport helos. Close air support is provided by Su-25 attack jets and Mi-24 Hind helicopters.
  • Although there are no „special forces“, Chernarussian soldiers always serve in place of their origin and thus know local conditions, which is especially useful for protecting locals against extremists.
  • Recent training with NATO armies and foreign help enables CDF to cooperate with USMC and efficiently fight the insurgency.

Ground forces

Special Units CDF troops use a mixture of Eastern and Western equipment.


Special Units Mi-17, Mi-24D, Su-25...


Special Units BRDM, BMP-2, T-72, ZSU-23...

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