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Citizens of Chernarus

The proud people of Chernarus were divided by the civil war and its consequences. A majority of Chernarussian citizens are of Chernarussian nationality, with their own language and culture. There is also an ethnic Russian minority living mainly in the northern territories, where Russian is the second official language. People are also divided by their political alignments and sympathies.

„Yes, I'm pretty sure 'twas him. Yeah, it might have been a group of guerillas in Ghillie suits, but Sir, snipers surely wouldn't try to unscrew that Chedak's head!"
- from the notes of Cpt. Dressler, Marine Corps Intelligence Activity
  • Chernarussians are mostly villagers or foresters. City people from the coast work mainly in harbours and factories.
  • After the civil war, life is equally boring everywhere: not much remains of the few cultural events and entertainment the distant Northern Province previously had to offer.
  • Citizens are quite friendly to soldiers, sometimes even providing valuable intel. However, they rarely speak English, so knowledge of Chernarussian or Russian really helps.
  • Causing any harm to the civilian population could lead to a loss of support and hostility towards the soldiers. Improper behavior towards the local women might cause a very rude response.
  • Chernarussian Bigfoot is often said to be spotted in the mountains of Northern Chernarus.


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