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Takistan Army

Takistani Army

Takistani army is not just an armed force, it is a government by itself. Supreme regional commanders are also the political leaders since the coup d' état in 1992. The army is composed mainly of the conventional ground forces and swallows most income from the crude oil, natural gas and minerals trade.

"We, soldiers of the Revolutionary Army, formed in the glorious days of the restoration of our true and only motherland, forever shatter the chains that have bonded us in subjugation. We pledge to remember the unavenged harms of centuries past, and now, in front of our beloved nation, we take this vow."
- Foreword to the Oath of Allegiance of the newly formed Takistani Army in 1992
  • Takistani army may seem mediocre compared to a modern Western army, but the troops are well trained to fight and survive in the harsh conditions of Takistan.
  • The vehicles of the Takistani Army are a mix of Cold-War era designs of Eastern and Western origin: old M113 personel carriers may be seen along with the T-55 or T-34 main battle tanks and old Czechoslovak V3S trucks.
  • The Takistani air force uses the Mi-24D helicopter gunships, Su-25 and L-39ZA light attack aircraft or Mi-8 transport helicopters.

Takistani Soldiers

Units Takistani soldiers are armed with a mix of Eastern as well as Western weapons of Cold-War era.


Aircraft Mi-24D, Mi-8, Su-25, L39ZA...


Armor T-34, T-55 T-72, BRDM-2...