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Takistan has about to none railways, thus most of its people use cars to travel or in business. The Takistani roads are mostly in a very bad shape due to the harsh natural conditions, and so are most of the local vehicles. The only expceptions are the cars belonging to the government and military officials.



You need some wheels no matter if you wish to relocate to a momentarily safer place or you just crave to see more of your beloved motherland; no matter if you are on the trip with your family or being chased by the Military Police. Because without them, your are just stuck.

Limo UAZ Decorated car SUV

Cargo Transport

For Takistani people, a truck can be useful for a wide range of activities from transporting livestock to starting a public transportation company under the caring eye of The Government.

Van Old Truck Bus Ural


Many Takistani people are so poor they can not afford even the oldest cars on the market. Such people use bikes (usually older than their owners) or motorcycles.

Rusty old bike Takistani motorcycle