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Howitzers and mortars provide decisive long-range support to advancing troops. Many artillery pieces are capable of firing special ammunition, such as flares or laser-guided rounds, or even to lay down a smokescreen.


arma2weapons_artillery_2B14_PodnosARMA 2 Content ARMA 2 Content Podnos 2B14

The Podnos (in English: Tray) 2C14 is a Russian 82 mm mortar. It was designed as a supporting weapon for motorized rifle companies and its goal is to destroy and suppress enemy infantry. The weight of the M252 is 31 kg and it can be used over ranges from 80 up to 4000 m, firing up to 20 rounds per minute.

M252 Mortar Caliber: 81 mmARMA 2 Content ARMA 2 Content M252 Mortar

The M252 81mm Mortar is a medium-weight smooth-bore high-angle-firing weapon. It is usually operated by a 4-man crew and can be fired at ranges from 80 to 5500 m. The weight of the M252 is 41,3 kg and usually it is used for long-range indirect supporting fire.

ARMA 2 Content ARMA 2 ContentD-30 howitzerD-30 howitzer

The D-30 122mm howitzer, also known as the 2A18M Lyagushka, has a revolving mount that permits 360 degree rotation and is designed for both high and low angles of fire making it fully suitable for fire support and anti-tank defense.

ARMA 2 Content ARMA 2 ContentM119-A1 howitzerM119-A1 howitzer

The M119A1 is a lightweight air-mobile artillery piece used to provide direct and indirect fire support to infantry units. The howitzer can be quickly moved and deployed to provide maximum fire power in a short period of time.

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