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Security Team Member, British

Operation Crimson Lance was rough. I lost a lot of good lads and for no good reason.

Brian Frost

Brian Frost was born in 1982 to a middle-class family from Duxford. He enlisted to British Army in 2000 and worked his way up to Pegasus Company, the Parachute Regiment's training ground in Catterick. After passing the selection and the training, he was assigned to 2nd Batallion of the Parachute Regiment.

Flawless performance and good record from the batallion's operations in Iraq earned him promotion and opportunity for additional training. Soon before leaving to Takistan in 2012, Sgt. Frost resumed command of a Paratrooper team.

His close associate, Tanny Radcliffe, persuaded Frost to consider a career switch to Ion. Overcoming his initial animosity towards private contractors, Frost took up the opportunity to join ION in the capacity of 'Security Team Member'.