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Sgt Chad "Robo/Robot" Rodriguez


Cpt Shaftoe:

"It‘s hard not to like Rodriguez but Lord knows that Marine can be a pain in the ass. Despite prodigious combat skills I think his chances of promotion are limited at this time."

SSgt Brian "Scarlet" O‘Hara


Cpt Shaftoe:

"Brian‘s a top class Marine, I think he‘s fitting right in. The rest of the team are still giving him a hard time but that‘s natural. If only ‚cause of his damn hair. I expect to see him promoted to a medical SNCO rank after this tour."

SSgt Randolph "Ice Cold" Sykes


Cpt Shaftoe:

"Randy is a hard man to get to know. I think it‘s fair to say he keeps his distance in the company but despite that he‘s become something of a talisman to be honest. It‘s something I‘ve tried to discourage."

MSgt Matthew "Coops" Cooper


Cpt Shaftoe:

"Cooper is quick to befriend new recruits and is well-liked among his peers. Should MSgt Miles seek a commission I would have no hesitation in recommending Sergeant Cooper for Team Leader."