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  • area: 164 km2
  • mountainous terrain
  • 4 towns and 24 villages
  • several large oil fields, 3 airports, coltan mine
  • 450 000 of objects
  • area: 67 km2
  • agricultural land with a large urbanized area
  • marketplaces, multiple squares, several different districts
  • city houses and old ornate buildings
  • area: infinite
  • abandoned oil rig in the empty open desert

History Of Takistan


The Takistan is a country with long and bloody past. It is a country of people who always remember what their origin is and for who the thousand-years-old history is as fresh and important as yesterdays news. They never forget and never forgive.

Military Installations


This days, the army is a leading force in the country. It is not subordinate to the government, it is the government itself. Supreme commanders are also the political, economical and judicial governors of the regions they (and their soldiers) control.



The city of Zagarbad is the heart of the Central Takistan province. It is located in the center of large north-south running valley surrounded by the mountains from all sides. The city center is filled with large urban buildings, markets and offices, while the suburb quarters comprise of the simple adobe houses and farmsteads.



Despite the extensive mining activities in the region – activities made by people who do not care about nature and landscape beauty at all – the central Takistan is still filled by large areas of untouched nature and original wilderness.

Industrial Areas


Takistan country is endowed with natural resources, including the extensive deposits of natural gas, crude oil and coltan, not to mention quantity of sulphur, lead, coal, copper, mercury and semiprecious stones.

Inhabited Areas

Inhabited areas

The central Takistan is mountainous and undeveloped, with only larger settlement being the regional capital city of Zargabad located in the northern part of province. Majority of the settlements is concentrated in the irrigated „green zones“ in the valleys.

Towns And Villages


Most of the villages and towns are relatively small, with only little sightseeings. Still, there can be  found some nice examples of the ornate historical architecture in the deep valleys and bushy green zones of Takistan.