Arma 2 Official Website

  • Arma 2 features a variety of personal weapons, grenades, artillery pieces & tripod- or vehicle-mounted weapon platforms. All weapons and their features were created according to the specifications of their real-life counterparts.
  • Features:
    • Accurate models including graphics, sounds and animations.
    • Variants with different scopes and accessories, including collimator sights, optical sights, grenade launchers or silencers.
    • Optics have realistic zoom and field-of-view settings and reticles.
    • Animated parts for shooting and reloading (triggers, receivers, ammo belts) and eject brass.
    • Customized character animations for holding weapons based on inverse kinematics.
    • Simulation of bullet ballistics, including material penetration and bullet deflection.
    • Ammunition power and magazine compatibility according to the real life.
    • Impact effects and sounds for various materials in the environment.
    • Tracer rounds are used in a realistic way.


Pistols serve mainly as defensive weapons, but silenced variants may provide a tactical advantage in attack.



Machineguns are effective against enemy troops and light vehicles; they are perfect for suppressing the enemy due to their fire rate and ammo capacity. Machineguns are heavy and prevent soldiers from carrying man-portable launchers.


Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are the most versatile personal weapons, combine stopping power with high fire rate and a variety of mounted equipment, e.g. grenade launchers, silencers or optical sights.



Howitzers and mortars provide decisive long-range support to advancing troops. Many artillery pieces are capable of firing special ammunition, such as flares or laser-guided rounds, or even to lay down a smokescreen.


Static Launchers

Mounted anti-tank and anti-air launchers are among the most advanced defenses. Static launchers use guided rockets of a higher caliber.


Mounted Weapons

There are a variety of mounted machineguns, grenade launchers and other weapons to set up as permanent defenses.



Shotguns are effective at close range, which makes them the weapon of choice for close-combat battles.


AT/AA Launchers

There are a variety of rocket launchers capable of destroying a heavily armored combat vehicle for a reasonable price.


Special Purpose Weapons

These guns were designed, developed or modified to provide maximum performance for special warfare. Subsonic ammunition or integrated silencers are a few of the features which make them different.


Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles enable snipers to attack targets at long range; some of them use high caliber ammunition and are capable of destroying vehicles or light targets. These rifles are commonly fitted with powerful optical sights.