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Citizens of Chernarus


ARMA 2 ContentCitizens of Chernarus

The proud people of Chernarus were divided by the civil war and its consequences. A majority of Chernarussian citizens are of Chernarussian nationality, with their own language and culture. There is also an ethnic Russian minority living mainly in the northern territories, where Russian is the second official language. People are also divided by their political alignments and sympathies.



ARMA 2 ContentChernarussian Movement of the Red Star

Although the communist insurgency has its roots as an underground movement, it is now a conventional force with military structure and weapon platforms captured from the Chernarussian government or provided by international arms dealers. This has given ChDKZ enough power to start a coup against the government.



ARMA 2 ContentRussian Armed Forces

Russian contingent of Chernarussian Peacekeeping Forces consists of elite Guard Motor Rifle battalion, reinforced by armor, artillery and attack helicopter detachments. Based on their previous experience with counter-guerilla operations, Russians also make good use of special forces.



ARMA 2 ContentNational Party

Nationalist guerillas of the National Party is an underground movement lacking sophisticated weapons, but their knowledge of the country, military expertise from civil war and underground network make them serious opponents to both communist guerillas and government forces.



ARMA 2 ContentChernarussian Defence Forces

Chernarussian military has been trained by Western armies in past years, but it retains weapons and equipment of the Soviet Army, its direct predecessor. Its main task during the past years for was to fight challenging counter-insurgecy campaign in the mountaineous regions of Northern Chernarus.

People of Takistan

Takistan Locals

ARMA 2 ContentPeople of Takistan

Takistani society is still based mainly on the tribal structure, and all men in the countryside possess various small arms to hunt and defend their family and village against any threat. Many of the tribes are still loyal to the royal family despite the government's effort to undermine the royalist faction.

Takistani Army

Takistan Army

ARMA 2 ContentTakistani Army

Takistani army is not just an armed force, it is a government by itself. Supreme regional commanders are also the political leaders since the coup d' état in 1992. The army is composed mainly of the conventional ground forces and swallows most income from the crude oil, natural gas and minerals trade.


UN Forces

ARMA 2 ContentNATO and UNO

The troops serving under UN operational command are to be deployed to supervise the demilitarization and distribution of the humanitarian aid in the secured regions of Takistan. The UNFORT (UN Forces Takistan) contingent is composed of the Guard regiments of the Chernarussian Defence Forces.

United States Army

US Army

ARMA 2 ContentUnited States Army

US Army is the backbone of the multi-national forces taking part in Operation Arrowhead, whose objective is to defeat the oppressive regime of Takistan. Organized in several highly mobile task forces, American troops are ready to neutralize the Takistani force threatening the peace in the Green Sea region.



ARMA 2 ContentUnited States Marine Corps

USMC deployment in Chernarus consists of 27th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable), which is supposed to overturn the balance in the civil war in the favor of Chernarussian government. Marines are skilled in assymetrical warfare and are backed up by superior weapons and technology.