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ARMA 2 Developer´s Diary - No.2 Mission Editor

July 16, 2009

Jan Prazak, Bohemia's PR manager explains the basic workings of the ARMA II mission editor in this, the second in the series of dev. diaries introducing the fantastic features and infinite possibilities of the sandbox military simulator hit of this year. Check out the video and learn how you can create your own missions or even whole campaigns which you can share with your friends online!

Small bonus for our fans

July 13, 2009

ARMA 2 website update

Although the game has now been released, we're still updating the website from time to time to provide useful Intel, not only for new visitors, but also for our community.

arma2-avatars-faces-razor-miles-2-100 arma2-avatars-faces-razor-cooper-2-100 arma2-avatars-faces-razor-ohara-2-100 arma2-avatars-faces-razor-sykes-2-100 arma2-avatars-faces-razor-rodriguez-2-100

This time, a small bonus for fans of our game has been released on a handful of desktop wallpapers and user avatars in an ARMA 2 theme.

Please, visit the Extras page.

ARMA 2 Developer´s Diary - No.1 Basic Controls

July 2, 2009

As part of a continuous commitment to ARMA IIs dedicated fan community, Bohemia Interactive has created a series of developer diaries to be published online, starting July 1st. Jan Prazak Bohemias PR manager explains the basic controls of ARMA II, shown using comprehensive video footage captured ingame.